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OpenSim London Meetup Report February 2, 2010

Posted by justincc in events, opensim, personal, secondlife, virtual-environments, virtual-worlds.

Hi folks.  As many of you know, last Sunday (Tuesday 2nd Feb 2010) we had an OpenSim real-world meetup at The Jugged Hare in London.  It was a really good event – lots of very interesting people came along and we had some great conversations about all kinds of OpenSim related topics – grids, development, education, applications – pretty much everything.  Unfortunately, I had a problem with my camera but Tipton Cole of lovejoysim was able to take some photos (apologies in advance for the blurriness).

Here’s Sean Doherty, Digital Strategy Director of Maverick Media related his adventures with OpenSim on OSGrid.  He looks very pleased about having his photo taken 🙂

Olli Aro of Second Places came along and told us about the interesting stuff he’s doing with OpenSim and education at The Content Grid.

Chris Hart, CTO of Reaction Grid had some great feedback on the experience of running public OpenSim installations.

Here’s a real power discussion – core developers Darren Guard (OpenSim founder and consultant currently working for Rezzable) and Melanie Thielker of Careminster Limited and 3D Hosting finally meet face to face.

As usual I (on the left) look incredibly fat in photographs (not helped by the fact that I actually am too fat).  Bob Wellman of PMGrid (only just visible facing the camera) and Kevin Buckley of Immersv join in the discussion.

And thanks to Peter, Aron, Deepwire, Dr Olinkha Gustafson-Pearce, SlimWarrior, Mal Burns, Will Jeffery (MD of Maverick Media) and everybody else who came along (please, please e-mail me if I accidentally left you out or mislinked to you).  You guys really made it a successful event.  We should definitely have another one, quite possibly in the second half of this year, if not sooner.



1. Baloo Uriza - February 2, 2010

Wish I could have been there.

2. Kevin Buckley - February 2, 2010

Thanks to Justin for organising that – it was good to meet everyone & share some really interesting information about what people are doing, or aspiring to do, with Opensim. I would definitely support a further meeting in a few months time – & as I’m the first responder I’ll get my date issues in now! Not August – as that’s the school holidays around my parts!

3. MirceaKitsune - February 2, 2010

Looks interesting. It’s very nice such meetings are still organized for Opensim… wish I could have been there too.

4. justincc - February 4, 2010

@Kevin. Thanks very much. Yes, August would be a bad date for the next one. I’m thinking July. What do you think?

@Baloo, MirceaKitsune – Yeah, this distance thing is tough – ironically that’s one of the uses for virtual environments, of course. But there’s still nothing quite like seeing someone face to face.

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