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I work as a freelance IT consultant specializing in OpenSimulator, the open source virtual environment platform compatible with Second Life clients.  I have been a core committer to OpenSimulator since December 2007 (the project itself started in January 2007).  In that time, I’ve implemented significant chunks of existing Second Life functionality, as well as performing refactoring, unit testing and bug fixes in many areas.  I’ve also created features unique to OpenSim, such as OpenSim Archives (OARs) and more recently OpenSim Inventory Archives (IARs).

You can see a record of my contributions to OpenSim (my handle is justincc).

I also have an extensive network of contacts within the OpenSim community and frequently write about OpenSim topics and development.

As a consultant, I can help you with

In addition to the above, I would be very interested in blogging about projects that I consult on if the details are publicly releasable.  And even if you require consulting on a confidential project, by taking out a contract you will still be directly helping the OpenSim platform by enabling me to continue to contribute open-source code and ideas.

For information about my media appearances please see my about me page.

Here is my resume.

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at justincc@justincc.org for information about my rates and discussion of your requirements, as well as for free strategic advice and general OpenSim-related conversation.

Please note that I’m currently unavailable for consulting until 3Q 2011 due to existing OpenSim-related work.  In fact, I hope to be writing about this soon!

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