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This week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 9th April 2011 April 12, 2011

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Hello everybody.  This is a summary of the last week of development in OpenSimulator.  Except where otherwise specified, the changes described here appear only in OpenSim’s cutting edge Git ‘master’ branch. Please do not attempt to use code taken directly from ‘master’ in any production environment.  Sometimes this in-development code may not work or may even cause data corruption. If you are not a developer or tester, please treat this summary instead as a preview of what will be coming up in the next release. The latest official release is OpenSim (released on Saturday 11th September 2010).

The letters and numbers in brackets after some entries tell you the latest git commit to which they apply.

This week in OpenSim ( e8e940e – 19c6d1d ).

General news

  • None this week.

Features & bug fixes

  • Melanie made the change() script event fire for CHANGED_OWNER again (e8e940e).
  • Melanie implemented coalesced objects.  A coalesced object is created in inventory when two or more objects are taken simultaneously, where those objects are not in the same linkset.  This does not currently work on Hypergrid, IAR/OAR saves/loads and possibly not when a coalesced object is placed in another prim’s inventory (adb14ad).
  • Mic merged in adaptive queue management and fair queueing code from the queuetest branch.  This leads to significant improved perform for the LLUDP viewer-server protocol (65af4ba).
  • Snoopy contributed a patch that makes the “All Estates” option work from the viewer.  This option applies selected changes to all the estates that the user owns on that simulator, rather than just the one they are currently on.  This is not yet applied to all simulators on a grid (f58941e).
  • I changed parcel info requests to be handled asynchronously rather than synchrously.  If these requests are handled synchronously then a delay from remote simulators in handling parcel info requests (e.g. when someone down-arrows through the list of parcels from the ‘parcels for sale’ list) can cause the inbound client packet loop to effectively hang, which freezes all avatar activity (c1dec22).
  • I changed prim counts so that if an object appears in the selected count it doesn’t also appear in one of the other counts (owner, group, others).  If this does happen then the total displayed by the viewer is wrong (3d400fc).
  • I switched llGetParcelPrimCount() to use the new prim counts code (f030ba8).
  • I made the refresh button on the parcel object owner list work again (acacee9).
  • I fixed prim counts to properly update if a scene object changes position programatically (e.g. through scripts or a region module) (83189a5).
  • I bundled a Mac OS X SQLite library with OpenSim such that the bundled one is used rather than the system one.  The normal SQLite database option should now work with Mac OS X again (1b136f7).
  • I removed the legacy SQLite adaptor and its config parameters.  This is no longer necessary now that the main adaptor works for Mac OS X again.  The legacy adaptor was also not properly maintained.  If you see any problems running OpenSim after “git pull” from OpenSim master then clean the build first (nant clean or xbuild clean on Mono).  Otherwise, the legacy OpenSim.Data.SQLiteLegacy.dll will still be around and causing problems (9d40c0d).
  • Melanie added llGetUsername(), llRequestUsername(), llGetDisplayName() and llRequestDisplayName().  However, since display names are not yet implemented by OpenSim, these functions just return the avatar name (abea0c7).
  • I updated the native Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) physics library bundled with OpenSim for Mac OS X to r1755.  This brings it into line with the bundled Windows and Linux libraries.  This revision anecedotally appears more stable (i.e. fewer physics related core dumps) (2aa3984).


  • No news this week.


1. Ener Hax - April 17, 2011

wow! loads of fixes this week! nice job and thank you =)

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