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OpenSimulator released August 10, 2010

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-news, secondlife, virtual-environments, virtual-worlds.

Hi folks.  OpenSimulator was released today.  This is a minor release for the OpenSimulator 0.7 line, so it contains only bug fixes rather than features such as media on a prim.  See the release notes for more details.

There may be a little confusion since some people are already talking about OpenSimulator 0.7.1.  This might be because 0.7.1 (Dev) is the version number in the Master development branch.  However, this is not yet in release phase – the latest release remains OpenSimulator for now.



1. Fred Folkerts - August 11, 2010

Hi Justincc,
I have tried opensim-
I downloded opensim- for Windows.

After some setting I could start Robust.exe without error
When I started Opensim.exe it gives the error:Unable to store account. If this simulator is connected to a grid,
The current estate has no owner set.

I found there is a patch: 0004935: [PATCH] Give full info on missing estate owner account.

Can you please tell me how to install or use this or where I can find the information about installing patches?

Fred Folkerts

2. justincc - August 11, 2010

Hi Fred. This patch actually just clarifies the error message, it doesn’t implement any new functionality.

What you will need to do is create the user for the estate that the region will belong to on the ROBUST command prompt. You can do this with the “create user” command.

3. Fred Folkerts - August 14, 2010

Hello Justin.
Thank you very much!
That works out very well.

But still there are some problems…
I want to be connected to OSGRID
With the same Regions.ini settings I can connect with the older Opensim program in a good way.

When loading opensim with the “opensim-” one I can see on the console screen the sripts and so are loaded in the region and also “Successfully informed neighbor 10013-9944 that I’m here”
So it looks like the region is operational.
But after that I got a warning: — request didn’t have destination_x ,
and the same for Y.
And when I login with the viewer I cannot reach the region, it isn’t there.

Can you also help me with this?

Do I need the Robust program, because I could not see a difference when I started the Robust.exe before Opensim.exe or I did not started the Robust.

4. justincc - August 17, 2010

@Fred – OSGrid is not currently compatible with 0.7 or later – you will need to run 0.6.9 or their specially packaged distribution in order to connect.

Also, when it is possible to connect, you will not need to run any Robust instances since these are apply only to people running their own grids (as opposed to people connecting a simulator to an open grid).

5. Fred Folkerts - August 17, 2010

Thank you for your reaction Justin. That’s a pity 0.7 can’t connect to OSgrid, because there are the most users.
It looks like this new version only can connect to the SimianGrid, is that true?

6. justincc - August 18, 2010

@Fred – No that’s not true. This version will be able to connect to OSGrid once they themselves upgrade to 0.7 (they are currently on 0.6.9-post-fixes).

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