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OpenSimulator 0.6.9 released May 14, 2010

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-news, secondlife, virtual-environments, virtual-worlds.

(This is an adapted copy of the notice that I just posted to the OpenSim users and development mailing lists).

Hi folks.  OpenSimulator 0.6.9 has just been released!  There were no database or server architectural changes between 0.6.8 and 0.6.9, so in theory this should be a drop-in replacement for 0.6.8.  However, as always, I advise that you back up all your data and be prepared to rollback if necessary.

And as always, OpenSim is an alpha level project, which means that there are many, many bugs and various missing features.

Here’s a list of some of the major changes between 0.6.9 and 0.6.8.

  • Teleport offers implemented
  • SQLite database adapter updated to work with Mono 2.6 and later (as well as Windows).  Unfortunately, this will currently not work with Mac and Mono 2.6 due to missing symbols in the SQLite library bundled with Mac OS X.  Mono 2.4 can still be used by switching to the legacy adaptor.
  • Ability to populate the inventory library by placing IARs in bin/Library
  • “Allowed Users” and “Allowed Groups” estate functionality added.
  • Added implementations of llCollisionFilter, llPassCollision, llLoopSoundSlave, llLookSoundMaster, llTriggerSoundLimited, llPointAt, llStopPointAt, llGetCenterOfMass, llGroundRepel, llSetVehicleFlags, llRemoveVehicleFlags, llSetInventoryPermMask.
  • Improvements to LSL functions including llDialog, llGetPrimitiveParams. llSetPrimitiveParams, llGetStatus, llSetStatus, llSetDamage, llDie, llLookAt, llParcelMediaCommandList.
  • Scripts now receive a stream of touch events if the mouse button is held down on their containing prim.
  • Terrain collision implemented.
  • OpenSim.Tools.Configger.exe added to dump configuration as an .ini, .xml or .sql file.
  • Avatar eyes and hair no longer remain white in standalone mode.
  • Improvements to undo, redo, land undo.
  • Improvements to attachments rezzing.
  • Support for HTTP texture fetching.
  • Fix console problem on startup of Grid.UserServer.exe with no existing config.
  • Stop existing avatars appearing in the T-pose to those who have just logged in.
  • Improvements to ground standing.
  • Clothing in the inventory library should now have the correct icons
  • Gestures saved to OARs/IARs
  • OARs now save region settings
  • Fixes for terrain editing problems in megaregions
  • Ground sitting fixed
  • Viewers now receive UUID of the broadcasting prim when chat originates from a script.
  • Attempting to rez no-copy objects on no-rez parcels no longer cause the item to vanish from inventory.
  • Prim to prim collisions improved.
  • Resizing the console window in Mono no longer results in an exception flood.
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various stability improvements

Many, many thanks to all the developers, testers, community members and OpenSim supporters who made this release possible!



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2. James Corbett - May 16, 2010

Terrific work all, I really appreciate the improvements in this release.

3. RomeoDawodu - May 16, 2010

thank you for your Information. I have the News published in German on http://www.OpenSIM-Portal.com – A new Website for the german OpenSIM Fans.

Best regards,
Romeo Dawodu.

4. Gwyneth Llewelyn - May 17, 2010

I’m itching to try it out on our grid… we’re doing a major building project right now and I’m not allowed to upgrade it *now*, but some of the complaints I have been having was about the constant failure of the “undo” feature (objects get too easily lost that way), so, I’m glad the OpenSim has released this!

HTTP for textures is supported? Wow! Now *that* I have to see 🙂

5. Crome Tysnomi - May 17, 2010

Excellent on the implemented LSL features

However, unless something’s misconfigured in the (version of 15/05/2010) diva distro, HTTP texture fetching is still broken/non-existant (snowglobe-based viewers still show grey prims).

6. justincc - May 18, 2010

@James – Thanks!

@Romeo – Nice to hear – pity I can’t read a word of German 🙂

@Gwyneth – Undo isn’t yet perfect but it might well be better.

@Crome – It might be that it isn’t switched on in Diva, though it did come into 0.6.9 pretty late and so perhaps it simply hasn’t been picked up yet. Just fyi, Diva distro questions are generally best addressed to Diva Canto herself, since the distro is a downstream project of OpenSim.

7. Ener Hax - May 18, 2010

lol, the T-pose! i did not know what it was called, i always thought of it in religious terms (that’s what a catholic upbringing will do to you)

thanks for the updates, some nice issues being resolved

with region settings being saved, does that mean like parcel divisions and associated media? in that if i develop regions with media screens and parcels for use by others, those are part of the OAR?

thanks =)

8. Crome Tysnomi - May 18, 2010


Thank you. ❤

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10. justincc - May 18, 2010

Hey @Ener. I hadn’t thought that about the T-pose – that’s what decades of atheism will do to you 😉

Parcel divisions have actually been saved for quite some time, though you have to relog after restore to properly see them I believe. Same goes for media settings. If they don’t work, well that’s a bug!

11. logicamp - May 20, 2010

Good job,
i try to upgrade my grid as soon as possible.
thanks to all developper of the opensim team.

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