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Very Unofficial OpenSim London Meetup January 7, 2010

Posted by justincc in events, opensim, opensim-news.

Hi folks,

Darren Guard (founder of OpenSim & TribalMedia, consultant for Rezzable), Chris Hart (CTO of ReactionGrid) and myself, Justin Clark-Casey (OpenSim core developer, consultant, ex-IBM and Black Dress developer, notorious killjoy) recently began to talk about having a face-to-face mini OpenSim meetup.

Since we’re all in the UK (at the moment) we’re going to meet in London at a pub called “The Jugged Hare” near Victoria station.

172 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Victoria, SW1V 1DX

on Sunday 31st January 2010 between 12:30pm and 5:30pm.

Rather than just do this by ourselves, we thought it would be very cool to open the invitation up to everybody, especially as it’s more or less coincidental with OpenSim’s 3rd birthday!

This is going to be a very informal event – there won’t be any banners or formal presentations.  It’s really just a bunch of us sitting around talking about OpenSim and virtual worlds.  Oh, and we’ll be having a few beers too 🙂

So if you’re interested or involved with OpenSim (or even other virtual worlds/environments) in any way and want to come along we would be very pleased to see you!  Just show up any time between 12:30pm and 5:30pm or if you want us to look out for you, just tell us that you’re coming (by e-mail, blog post comment or any other way you like).  I’m sure we’ll be tweeting on the day too.

Until then, all the best!



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2. bob wellman - January 19, 2010

Hi Justin

I am going to try to make this Meetup if at all possible.

I am on the wagon from January 1st to April 29th to lose weight so wont be drinking (sulk) but I would very much like to meet you guys and am willing to watch you guys drink for 5 hours, just to do it. Hopefully this will be the first of a few meet ups over the year and I can get my share of the drinking done next time. Thats the nature of community effort we all have to what we can.

I run a small Opensim based grid called PMgrid with my friend Peter so hopefully we can both make it.

You will be able to spot me easily. I am the overweight chap with the soft drink in his hand looking sad… LOL

Best Regards… Bob Wellman

3. justincc - January 19, 2010

@Bob – I doubt I’m going to be drinking all that much myself – I need to drive at the other end. There should be a good few of us there, judging by the response on the OpenSim mailing lists, on Twitter and by a couple of people direct to ourselves.

Look forward to seeing you! Hopefully you can recognize me, there’s a picture on http://justincc.org/blog/about, but it’s not a huge pub anyway.

4. bob wellman - January 20, 2010

I will listen for a conversation with the word “OAR” in it and then I know its either you guys or a rowing team.

5. justincc - January 20, 2010

@Bob – Ha ha ha

6. justincc - January 26, 2010

@bob – I just stumbled across some pictures of the PMgrid regions


They look very nice!

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8. bob wellman - January 26, 2010


Those photos are now 108 days old. That particular build (Romenna by Nick Lassard) was like that in PMgrid all that time ago. Then we used OAR (written by some smart guy called Justin) to move it to another grid called Arda grid (run by Reaction grid) where it continued to be developed, whilst a new project (Gondolin by Nick Lassard) was started in PMgrids limited server space.

Recently we used OAR to move a copy back to PMgrid so we could test having it as a 16 sim megaregion in Pmgrid whilst building work continues in Arda grid. There are some problems with that but we are endevouring to locate the cause.

You should see the build now. Its over 19,000 prims and still growing. In fact feel free to come see it in either Pmgrid or Arda grid sometime.

I must say OAR is a real masterstoke. It opens up such opportunities for swapping builds around. I thank you so much for writing it. I may even buy you a beer to say thanks on Sunday.

9. Marie - January 29, 2010

Please tweet and blog, very interested but will be in the aquarium (also not drinking:))

10. justincc - January 30, 2010

@Marie – I’ll certainly be tweeting tomorrow, though annoyingly the Twitter SMS gateway doesn’t reply to a register request from my Orange mobile phone (amazingly, I don’t yet have a smartphone). I will also blog about what happens tomorrow next week.

11. justincc - January 30, 2010

Ah, the Twitter gateway was just being slow – I now have full SMS to Twitter capability so everything should be fine.

12. Darren - January 31, 2010

Hey guys, it was good meeting you this afternoon. Unfortunately didn’t get to speak to everyone, as I had to leave early, although much of the conversation was above my level of experience at the moment. If anyone wants to get in touch you should be able to through my website linked through from here 🙂

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14. justincc - February 2, 2010

@Darren Thanks for coming along. I’m sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to talk – hopefully we will in the future!

15. Leon Cych - February 3, 2010

Pity I had to miss this but was in Wales – would really like to attend any future ones.

16. justincc - February 4, 2010

@Leon – I’m thinking of July for the next one, avoiding the August holidays. Any opinion?

17. bob wellman - February 4, 2010

July sounds just about right Justin. Maybe good to fix a date soon. That way people can avoid booking it for holidays.

18. justincc - February 5, 2010

You’re probably right, Bob. This probably won’t be a little while since I’m heavily loaded with a few other things at the moment but I’ll certainly keep it in mind.

19. bob wellman - May 26, 2010

Hi Justin

Just a friendly nudge to remind you to set a date and time for the July Opensim London Meet up soon, if your still keen on the idea. I for one would love to attend again, and what is even better I will not be on the wagon this time, so another pub with good real ale would be my favourite choice.

Best Regards… Bob

20. justincc - May 26, 2010

Thanks for the reminder, Bob. I’ll try to think up a date in July soon. It will very probably be another Sunday.

21. justincc - May 28, 2010

How about Sunday 11th July? Any thoughts, folks?

22. bob wellman - June 3, 2010

July 11th sounds good to me and with Peter too, so count 2 from PMgrid being there…

BTW… where is there? … hopefully a good real ale pub!

23. justincc - June 14, 2010

@Bob – Hi Bob. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ll be able to get it together this July, none of the core developers who were definitely coming last time are around right now. I’m also buried under quite a lot of work and person stuff which is making it difficult to think about organizing anything.

Sorry about that. Hopefully it will be possible to get something together again early next year when things are a bit quieter immediately after Christmas!

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