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GridHop: The Yellow Pages of the Hypergrid July 3, 2009

Posted by justincc in hypergrid, opensim, secondlife, virtual-environments, virtual-worlds.

So, I was Googling for something else today and stumbled across a very interesting site called GridHop.net.  It looks like my good friend and long time OpenSim supporter Tx Oh has put together a web based directory of Hypergrid accessible regions which people can submit their own regions to.

(For those of you who don’t know, the Hypergrid is an experimental OpenSim architecture that allows people to travel from one OpenSim grid to another without losing their avatar identity or appearance).


So in the picture I’m on Wright Plaza in OSGrid (minus my hair for some reason – OpenSim ain’t perfect 🙂 and I have the GridHop website open in the built-in browser.  In column 1 you can choose the grid you want to go to and in column 2 a specific region.  There are even descriptions and pictures of the destination regions 🙂

Here I have Venice Italy in Cyberlandia selected (an Italian grid hosted completely separately from OSGrid).  Since Venice is in a foreign grid, I need to click the Hypergrid Jump link in order to pop up a landmark dialog.


And when I click teleport, I’m transported to Venice in Cyberlandia!  You can see this from the @osgrid.org:8002 under my name.


Now, this stuff certainly isn’t perfect – for some reason sometimes for extended periods my teleports to Venice were completely refused.  And Cyberlandia was the only grid I could get to from OSGrid (though admittedly I might have succeeded if I’d kept trying some of the other grids).  The Hypergrid architecture itself is experimental and imperfect (though watch out for Hypergrid 2 one day 🙂

But all the same I find it extremely impressive.  Though you could grid hop before gridhop.net, having a directory of destinations to browse through makes travelling so much more accessible.  Well done Tx Oh!



1. Venice traveller - July 4, 2009

Very impressive. I think I need to get hold of this game – could be a great way of familiarising yourself with Venice before you get there.

2. rjs - July 4, 2009

Really nice work.

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