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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 13th June 2009 June 14, 2009

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod, virtual-environments, virtual-worlds.

osgridHello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of Saturday.  The numbers in brackets after bug and feature points are the SVN revision numbers in which the work appears.

The changes described here appear only in OpenSim’s cutting edge Subversion ‘trunk’.  Please do not attempt to use code taken directly from ‘trunk’ in any production environment.  At particular points in time this in-development code may not work or may even cause data corruption.  If you are not a developer or tester, please treat this summary instead as a preview of what will be coming up in the next release.  The latest official release is OpenSim 0.6.5 (branched at r9561).

This week in OpenSim ( r9801 – r9859 )

General news

  • None this week

Features & bug fixes

  • mikem made a change so that LSL loops with no assignment section are allowed, e.g. for (; i < 10; i++) { … } (r9806).
  • Alan Webb contributed a patch to allow better control of the persistence of dynamic textures and better locking on update to avoid update race conditions (r9816).
  • Snoopy contributed a patch that implements group based object permissions.  I’m not sure how complete this is (r9817).
  • Alan Webb contributed a patch that stops all ODE collision exceptions from propogating in the code.  This may increase the maximum number of avatars in a region with ODE physics before crashing (r9827).
  • Bluewall contributed a patch that fixes errors when creating a user using OpenSim’s SQLite database plugin (r9838).
  • I temporary fixed a problem where saved OAR files would fail to load.  This problem may only occur for machines configured for certain locales (r9859).


  • mcortez contributed more patches the implement the alternative Flotsam asset cache.
  • diva worked on the new inventory service connectors infrastructure, which mirrors that of the recent asset service connectors.
  • Dr Scofield made some miscellaneous remote admin plugin improvements.


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