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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 4th April 2009 April 5, 2009

Posted by justincc in opensim.

osgridHello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of Saturday.  The numbers in brackets after bug and feature points are the SVN revision numbers in which the work appears.

The changes described here appear only in OpenSim’s cutting edge Subversion ‘trunk’.  Please do not attempt to use code taken directly from ‘trunk’ in any production environment.  At particular points in time this in-development code may not work or may even cause data corruption.  If you are not a developer or tester, please treat this summary instead as a preview of what will be coming up in the next release.

This week in OpenSim ( r8919 – r8995 )

General news

  • OpenSim 0.6.4 (branched at r8961) was released.  Only source code packages exist currently – binary packages and installers are not yet available.
  • I’d like to welcome arthursv as OpenSim’s newest core developer.  He’s an excellent IBM developer and we’re all very pleased that he has joined the group :).

Features & bug fixes

  • Flyte Xevious contributed a patch that implements llEdgeOfWorld() (r8927).
  • Teravus improved thread safety when adding and removing avatars from the ODE physics engine.  This may help alleviate issues where the avatar stops being able to move.  See Mantis 3363 for more details (r8929).
  • mcortez contributed a patch (with help from HomerH) that allows different wind models to be plugged into OpenSim, as well as more control via console and OSSL functions.  See the documentation for more details (r8940).
  • StrawberryFride contributed a patch that adds MSSQL data support for inventory transfer to offline avatars (r8943).
  • Dahlia changed sculpt meshing in order to allow OpenSim to run on Mono 2.4 (r8962).
  • Dahlia added partial support for the inside out/mirrored sculpted prim setting (r8969).
  • idb improved llApplyImpulse() (r8970).
  • Melanie fixed a null reference bug when non-LSL scripts were compiled (r8972).
  • arthursv fixed an issue where avatars that keep moving against the edge of a region trigger ODE errors and start teleporting randomly.  See Mantis 3380 for more details (r8981).
  • nlin did some preliminary work to support object spinning using the mouse in the Linden Lab Second Life client (r8989).
  • homerh fixed the transfer of Daylight Saving Time information to the Linden Lab Second Life client (r8991).
  • jonc contributed a patch which implements classic cloud rendering in the Linden Lab Second Life client (r8993).


  • Melanie completed work on the infrastructure for offline IM storage.  Please note that this still requires a server component which does not yet exist in OpenSim.
  • Diva continued to improve the Hypergrid implementation, though none of the changes yet affect users (as far as I can see).
  • Diva carried out refactoring work to separate services (e.g. LoginService and Response) from communications infrastucture.
  • Adam contined work on MRM scripting functionality.  See his new blog post on MRM for more details.


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