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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 7th March 2009 March 8, 2009

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osgridHello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of last Saturday, as culled from our source code repository logs.  After any general news there are two sections.  The first section – “Features and bug fixes”, contains prominent new functionality and bug fixes visible to users of OpenSim.   The numbers in brackets in this section are the final svn revision numbers in which the work was completed for this week. This is right at the cutting edge so there is no guarantee that this functionality is stable.

The second section contains information about the infrastructure changes happening within the project.  This is going to be a little more impressionistic than the features/bug fixes list, but hopefully it will give a picture of how OpenSim is evolving from week to week.

This week in OpenSim ( r8660 – r8730 )

General news

  • None this week.

Features & bug fixes

  • Godfrey contributed a patch that fixes a regression from r8336 where llSetLinkPrimitiveParams() had started to rotate the prim containing the script rather than the one actually specified (r8691).
  • I increased the amount of reporting made when an OAR is saved so that its more obvious when a save is still underway (r8707).
  • I improved memory usage when OARs are saved.  This should make it quicker to save larger OARs.  There are still other improvements to be made in this area (r8712).
  • mcortez contributed a patch that improves the implementation of llSetHoverHeight() (r8716).
  • Teravus made a change so that an avatar should no longer slide when crouching (r8718).
  • idb improved llTarget() (r8725).
  • idb added the ability to set the User-Agent in llHttpRequest() (r8726).
  • idb capped llInstantMessage() messages to 1024 characters so that scripts no longer crash if they exceed this limit (r8727).


  • MW worked to separate more Second Life specific code (such as login) from generic OpenSim code.
  • I continued work on inventory archiving code.
  • mikem did some work on the inventory related aspects of the Cable Beach server within OpenSim (an asset and inventory server which will eventually replace our current servers).


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