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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 31st January 2009 February 1, 2009

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-dev, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod.

osgridHello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of last Saturday, as culled from our source code repository logs.  After any general news there are two sections.  The first section – “Features and bug fixes”, contains prominent new functionality and bug fixes visible to users of OpenSim.   The numbers in brackets in this section are the final svn revision numbers in which the work was completed for this week. This is right at the cutting edge so there is no guarantee that this functionality is stable.

The second section contains information about the infrastructure changes happening within the project.  This is going to be a little more impressionistic than the features/bug fixes list, but hopefully it will give a picture of how OpenSim is evolving from week to week.

This week in OpenSim ( r8133 – r8195 )

General news

  • None this week

Features & bug fixes

  • Teravus added a new region console command ‘predecode-j2k <number of threads>’.  This pre-generates the data necessary to send textures at different quality levels.  It should be run after importing any large quantity of texture data (such as by loading an OpenSim Archive, though I may soon experiment with doing this automatically) (r8133).
  • Christopher Yeoh submitted a patch which fixes occasional problems where a script can miss events on startup when using the XEngine scripting engine (r8170).
  • I made a change which should mean that when using the MySQL and MSSQL database engines, previously undeletable prims that have been ‘orphaned’ in the region database (i.e. they are in linksets that have no recorded root prim) can now be deleted.  If a prim still can’t be deleted then you might want to try the current workaround detailed in Mantis 3059 (r8175).
  • diva implemented ‘dynamic’ hyperlinks.  These are links that look like

    and which can be invoked from within the viewer in a number of ways (by clicking on them in chat, in the embedded browsers, etc.).  I don’t believe that there is any need for the standalone/grid owner to have set these links up beforehand (unlike the existing static links).  See the Hypergrid wiki page for more details (r8913).

  • idb made some performance improvements for scripts that use sensors (r8195).


  • Tommil and mpallari contributed further code working towards proper NHibernate support.
  • Dahlia worked on more Capability and Event Queue support, including sending parcel properties via capability rather than UDP.
  • Dr Scofield did a considerable amount of work on the Concierge module that is in the OpenSIm distribution.  This module aims to support meetings by doing things such as keeping an attendee list.  This work is currently ongoing and isn’t yet finished/documented.  Please see the wiki for more information.
  • I did some infrastructure work for OpenSim Archive (OAR) loading and saving tests.  This is to support format stability and future enhancements.


1. husibaer - February 3, 2009

well, dr scofield didn’t really do a considerable amount of work…she just did a considerable amount of check-ins due to loosing the plot git-svn wise once or twice…sigh.

dr scofield

justincc - February 8, 2009

Ah I see, never mind 🙂 Thanks for the update, Dr S

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