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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 6th September 2008 September 7, 2008

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-dev, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod.

Hello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of last Saturday, as culled from our source code repository logs.  After any general news there are two sections.  The first section – “Features and bug fixes”, contains prominent new functionality and bug fixes visible to users of OpenSim.   The numbers in brackets in this section are the final svn revision numbers in which the work was completed for this week. This is right at the cutting edge so there is no guarantee that this functionality is stable.

The second section contains information about the infrastructure changes happening within the project.  This is going to be a little more impressionistic than the features/bug fixes list, but hopefully it will give a picture of how OpenSim is evolving from week to week.

This week in OpenSim ( r6071 – r6160 )

General news

  • If you are following the cutting edge revisions, you may want to wait before updating past r6142.  r6143 contains a large update to start using the new libOMV types library from jhurliman rather than the types in our current libsecondlife.dll.  This is necessary but will cause some temporary instability for the next week.

Features & bug fixes

  • Dahlia improved circular path prim meshes (r6080).
  • Melanie made a change such that people can no longer edit each other’s attachments when permissions are not active on the OpenSim region server (r6074).
  • RuudL contributed a patch to implement automatic database migration in the MSSQL database plugin (r6075).
  • RuudL contributed a patch to implement estate data handling in the MSSQL plugin (r6091).
  • Ewe Loon contributed a patch that improvements the implementation of llSetPrimitiveParams() and llSetLinkPrimitiveParams() (r6093).
  • sdague implement a “nant test” target for nant so that the OpenSim unit tests can be run from the console.  We have a miniscule number of unit tests at the moment but hopefully these will increase as time goes on (r6121).
  • Dahlia replaced various trigonometry calls with lookup table values in order to improve prim meshing speed (r6122).
  • Dahlia improved the accuracy of profile cuts in triangle and square profile prims (r6122).
  • Godfrey contributed a patch that stops a crash if a parcel for which a landmark is taken has no text in its description field (r6124).
  • JHurliman contributed a patch such that OpenSim starts using the general libOMV types library created by his team rather than the types in libsecondlife.  See the general news section for more details (r6143).
  • I made a change such that on login to a grid, if the user service cannot successfully tell the relevant region (or the default backup region) to expect a new user connection, then the client is notified of the failure immediately.  This will replace the old behavior where the login will go ahead regardless and then subsequently suffer an authentication failure when it tries to actually connect to a region (r6158).
  • I increased the timeout on the XMLRPC call used when the user service contacts a region to notify it of an imminent client connection during login.  This may alleviate the problem though I suspect that it won’t be the final solution (r6159).


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