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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 7th June 2008 June 8, 2008

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-dev, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod.

Hello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until the end of last Saturday, as culled from our source code repository logs. The changes picked out are user visible changes – most refactoring and stability revision are left out, unless they’re of particular interest. The numbers in brackets are the final svn revision numbers in which the work was completed for this week. This is right at the cutting edge so there is no guarantee that this functionality is stable.

This week in OpenSim ( r4923 – r5041 )

  • Teravus Ousley made a permissions change which may resolve some recent IM and inventory transfer bugs (r4942).
  • Dahlia contributed a patch to fix prism physical meshes and add path start and end to circular path prim meshes (r4950).
  • Teravus Ousley added grid wide instant messaging and grid wide presence updates.  If you want to activate this functionality you will need to startup the new Messaging Server in addition to the current UGAI servers (r4960).
  • Dahlia contribute a patch containing fixes for the the default hollow shape of the torus physical mesh, and for the orientation of taper effects for it. (r4965).
  • I added the ‘show version‘ command to all the OpenSim servers.  This command tells you the current version of OpenSim running, and the SVN revision number if available (r4959).
  • I added information in OpenSim.ini.example on the settings required to load region information from an url rather than a file.  Many thanks to Olish Newman (who runs The New World grid) for conducting some research on this, and for adding documentation to the opensim.ini page on the wiki (r4964).
  • Dahlia contributed a patch to implement x and y top shear parameter adjustments for the torus prim physical mesh (r4982).
  • Melanie Milland contributed a patch to hook up on the LSL on_rez event (r4987).
  • I made a change which means that if a client thread fails to handle an exception, this exception no longer brings down the region.  The client session will still fail, but the region server should keep on going.  We also attempt to notify the client of the situation and cleanup the remains of the session (r4999).  Thanks also to mikem for spotting and removing the exception I deliberate inserted in the code (and forgot to take out!) to test this (r5008).
  • mikem contributed a patch which fixes casting between strings and floats in LSL (r5016).
  • Boscata contributed a patch which fixes inventory item storage in the MSSQL database plugin (r5007).
  • cmickeyb contributed a patch which stops exceptions being thrown when LSL scripts attempt to use XMLRPC communication while the region is still starting up (r5015).
  • Kyle and Chris from G2 contributed a patch which stores more inventory item parameters in MSSQL (r5018).
  • Teravus Ousley fixed the use of the scale object properties with regards to physics engines (r5022).
  • Teravus Ousley added PRIM_FLEXIBLE support to llSetPrimitiveParams() (r5033).
  • Teravus Ousley added PRIM_POINT_LIGHT support to llSetPrimitiveParams() (r5032).
  • mingchen added a fix for land exceptions thrown when shift copying prims (r5039).


1. salahzar - June 12, 2008

Hi, Justin, I’ve seen that scripting on trunk version is greatly improved, and now my “Hello World” programs are starting to work 🙂
If notecards can be read opensim could act as a workable world for educations purposes, and I can try to hold some lessons on that grid.
Keep up with your job…
BTW: it is not clear to me if hollows and cut prims are going to be handled correctly by physics engines. Is that something too complex to implement with opensim?
Greetings from Italy,

2. justincc - June 12, 2008

Hi salazhar. Glad things work for you – I think we’re slowly making progress! Regarding reading notecards, I know there is interest in this area and I feel that we shall see more support for this implemented in OpenSim soon. Regarding physics, do you mean that hollow and cut prims are not currently correctly handled, or that you think they probably can’t be handled correctly in the future? Unfortunately I’m a complete non-expert in this area, so to get a good answer you’d need to talk to the experts such as Teravus on freenode IRC or possibly Dahlia, since she’s contributed quite a few patches in this area.

3. Bob Wellman - June 18, 2008


We just updated our own grid (PMgrid) from SVN4523 to SVN5105 and I was reading back through your helpful weekly update bloggs to see what has changed.

In bullet point 3 here you say “If you want to activate this functionality you will need to startup the new Messaging Server in addition to the current UGAI servers (r4960)”. I have searched everywhere for info on how to do this with no success. Can you point me in the correct directon to find out how and when to start this new server please?

Thanks in advance… Bob

4. justincc - June 18, 2008

Hi Bob,

I believe you’re right – there is very little written information on the messaging server as of yet. It’s not an area I’ve yet looked at myself. To find out more, I think the best course of action is to hop on the #opensim IRC channel at freenode.net and ask directly there. Usually there’s someone around to respond.

Of course, if you do get some information and get it working, writing an opensimulator.org wiki page (and telling the opensim-users mailing list about it) would get you much kudos – from me at the very least.

5. Bob Wellman - June 18, 2008

Justin ….Thanks for the quick reply.

LOL… unfortunatley I am now 1 step further away from a solution as I dont know anything about IRC channels. So I will have to ask someone how to do that so I can ask someone about how to start the Messaging Server.

Seems my biggest problem with Opensim is unless you are a developer you cant find out what all the developers know cos no-one likes to document what all the developers already know. For an outsider like me its like the Magic Circle… I know there is an explantion of how the trick works if only I could get inside the circle and see the magic spell book… ROFLMAO….Just kidding! I do understand that everyone is working so hard its hard to find time to document stuff.

As the development you mentioned was done by Teravus I assume he must know how it works. If I can just find an email adress for him I could ask him direct. Thanks for trying to help me I do appreciate it. Your bloggs at least give me some insight into what all those commit criptic comments mean. Without you, I and all the rest of us non developers would be completely lost. Keep up the good work Justin.

Best Regards…. Bob

6. justincc - June 20, 2008

Bob, if you don’t do IRC, another place to ask is our OpenSim user mailing lists. This won’t guarantee an answer but it is a good place to try, especially as any response may help lots of other people (and possibly be the first step on getting proper written documentation). And to be honest, not everyone can make themselves available by personal e-mail (pressure of ‘day job’ work, etc.) so the mailing list (or IRC) is the best place to look for an answer if it’s available.

I do sympathize about the general lack of documentation in some areas. In this case, I do expect information about the messaging server to make it onto the wiki as people get more familiar with it but this will take some time.

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