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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 31st May 2008 June 1, 2008

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-dev, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod.

Hello everybody. This is a short summary of OpenSim development for the past week up until last Saturday, as culled from our source code repository logs. The changes picked out are user visible changes – most refactoring and stability revision are left out, unless they’re of particular interest. The numbers in brackets are the final svn revision numbers in which the work was completed for this week. This is right at the cutting edge so there is no guarantee that this functionality is stable.

So, this week in OpenSim ( r4829 – r4922 )

  • Teravus Ousley added top colliders information when using ODE.  You can access this via the Debug tab on the Region/Estate dialog in the Linden client (r4836).
  • Tiffany contributed a patch to resolve a recent problem with persisting prims when they had been copied using the shift copy method (r4838).
  • Xantor contributed a patch such that for a particular script, the script engine now only compiles the code once in a particular session, reusing that code every time the script is deployed.  This does not yet extend over region server restarts (r4839).
  • Teravus Ousley added a top scripts display.  This is only roughly accurate, but may still be helpful.  This can be accessed via the Debug tab on the Region/Estate dialog in the Linden client (r4907).
  • Xantor contributed a patch which means that the region server no longer requests an asset multiple times if the asset service hasn’t yet responded to the first request (r4860).
  • Melanie Milland contributed a patch which means that prim inventory items should no longer become invalid if they are renamed (r4877).
  • Xantor contributed a patch to improve llLoopSound(), llStartSound() and llStopSound() (r4919).
  • Sean Dague contributed a patch so that we only now keep the last terrain revision when using the MySQL database.  This should reduce asset database bloat for active terraformers (r4884).
  • Melanie Milland contributed a patch that adds llRequestSimulatorData() and the dataserver event.  As far as I know, the dataserver event is not yet hooked up to any LSL functions (r4899).
  • Teravus Ousley added a grid user log off functionality.  This can be invoked by typing ‘logoff-user <firstname> <lastname> <message>’ on the user server console.
  • Kinoc contributed a patch which adds a Yield Prolog interpreter for scripts.
  • fdg contributed a patch which stops avatar inventory item names getting lost on copy and paste.  This should also improve the behaviour of “Save as” in the appearance editing window (r4935).


1. djaya - June 2, 2008

Hi I was searching all over the net for something related to opensims and finally i’ve reached yours page.

I saw that u r doing a lot of stuff on opensim. Actually many resident, I even say all residents are having problems in teleport out of the opensim. I own one and I’m crazy about it, all people are complain on that. always the same message “System is not abble to….”

Please this is not a complain to you, but as a developer I think it’s important to let u know what is happening in real time on the grid. I’ve sent the complain to Linden since tier payment can not be made out of date, but the don’t have any date to get a real solution.


2. justincc - June 2, 2008

Hi djaya. I suspect you’re talking about the ‘open space sims’ on Linden Lab’s grid, which I think are very lightly loaded sims designed to give people waterfront views. This doesn’t have any connection with the open source OpenSim software which is the subject of this blog. We’re a completely separate entity from Linden Lab and don’t have any responsibility for their grid operations.

3. salahzar - June 6, 2008

Hi, justincc. Talking about real opensim, one of my worst problems with the various opensim grids was that I was able to login on those around 10% the time and the rest I was left with stuck logins, and error logging in. Usually only the first time it worked, than it crashed and next attempts consistently were rejected.
Is that anything possibly related to the fact I’m using wireless connections? I’ve read from LL they are not supporting them, but I’m normally using with Linden official grid.
Maybe a similar issue can also happen with opensim?
Or are there any issues in opensim with authentication when clients crash?

4. justincc - June 6, 2008

Hi salazhar. To be honest, though I can’t say for sure, I would suspect that the problem lies with OpenSim stability rather than with your wireless setup. We do seem to be having some instability with logins recently. However, it’s not necessarily the case that all OpenSim grids are running with the same code (it’s fairly easy to replace some of the services with other implementations), and this will also depend on exactly which OpenSim revision they are running.

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