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This Week in OpenSim Dev – week ending Saturday 12th April 2008 April 13, 2008

Posted by justincc in opensim, opensim-dev, opensim-news, secondlife, twiod.

Hello everybody. This is a weekly summary of OpenSim development, taken mainly from the changelog entries that accompany each commit to our source code repository. The aim is to highlight new features and significant bugfixes – lower level detail such as code refactorings will, for the main part, be left uncovered. Remember that these changes are hot off the keyboard – there is no guarantee that they actually work 100% yet! Also, while I try to be even handed, it’s possible that the changes I’m familiar with will be the ones that tend to get the most detailed explanations.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. This week in OpenSim (r4108 – r4215)…

  • Teravus implemented the AgentPause and AgentResume packets, with AgentPause extending the timeout for a client by 3x. I’m not sure exactly where these are used in the Linden client, possibly this means that using the set away option increases the amount of time your client can idle.
  • Adam made various terrain engine fixes and introduced new terrain commands, including loaders for bmp, gif, png and tiff. Bug Adam for more details 🙂
  • I made an initial rough implementation of direct avatar to avatar item transfer. In other words, the wonderful gift of giving has now come to OpenSim (by dragging an item in your inventory onto another avatar). Use at your own risk, though I haven’t heard of any problems yet. Many things are unimplemented as this stage, including permissions. Also, received items always end up in your root folder.
  • I fixed an issue with rezzing items containing any inventory to the region under Windows. Thanks to various people for information on this, including thomas.
  • Diva Canto and KMeisthax contributed a DataSnapshot module to OpenSim. If enabled (it is disabled by default), it will produce a summary of your sim at regular intervals and send the information to a data service. This is being used by Diva and KMeisthax to implement an experimental OpenSim search capability which can be queried here by selecting the OpenSims dropdown. I’m not sure how well this is working yet – more details can be found on a post in the OpenSim mailing list. Though a Metaverse Ink url appears in the OpenSim.ini.example configuration file, the module is a generic one that any organization can make use of – it is not intended to be tightly linked to Metaverse Ink.
  • I made a small fix which means that items that have their name or description changed while in your inventory should retain those details when they are rezzed to a scene.
  • Teravus added some primitive support for ellipsis, including strechable ellipsoid support. In other words, you can now stretch spheres into oblong shapes and watch them roll around like a football would (when using the included Open Dynamics physics engine).
  • Teravus added twist support for cubes, cylinders and prisms.
  • Following a change suggested by A_Biondi, I believe the Linden client is now caching OpenSim folders, as it does for the Linden server. This is better in the long run, but it does mean that if you have inventory issues, you may want to clear your cache before logging back in.
  • A patch from Michael Osias implemented llDetectedKey for the touch_start event.
  • Teravus enhanced the BetaGridLikeMoneyModule to allow ‘charging’ for uploads in order that these can be limited. Please note that this is not an actual grid wide money module.
  • A patch from Lulurun means we now support the secondlife client’s -url sim/x/y/z option.
  • Teravus fixed a bug which was causing the sim restart option (both from the region console and the estate tools) to fail.
  • Teravus added a little more support for the friends module, such that you will now be notified when someone comes online if they come on in sims neighbouring the one you are in. A proper grid wide implementation is waiting on more grid comms maturity.
  • A patch from Kurt Taylor fixed a bug in llDetectedName() and llDetectedKey(). See this mantis 821 for more details.
  • A patch from Dr Scofield added supported for saving dynamically generated regions to the filesystem.


1. Gumby Roffo - April 15, 2008

Waht can I say apart from fantastic work team. I look forward to breaking the fixes ( nah they will be good).

The inventory transfer works well, however I’m not sure the ownership changes on give. If you rez the object and do the shift-Drag copy thing it changes ownership. Creator still stays the same 🙂

any way nice read and now have this bookmarked.

Gumby Roffo

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